Surfing Etiquette

Right of Way
The surfer closest to the breaking wave has priority.

Do not Drop In
Be respectful of the surfer already riding the wave. Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Wait for your turn.

Don’t be a Snake
Select your position in the line-up and don’t paddle around other surfers. Wait your turn. Be patient. There are plenty of waves for everyone.

Stay out of the Way
When paddling back out paddle wide of the peak, and stay out of the way of another surfer’s line.

Furthest Out Has Priority
Although some surfers and stand up paddle boarders may abuse this rule – leave some waves to others – in theory, they hold priority. Take turns.

Do Not “Fling” Your Board
If you kick out or fall, try to control your surfboard. Surfboards can kill someone if they hit critical regions of the human body.

Communicate with Other Surfer
If you and another surfer are sitting on a peak, communicate with each other as to who will be going in either direction left or right.

Do Not Dive Off Your Board Head First
Rock reef or sand, the ocean floor can severely hurt you. You never know how shallow the water is.

Respect the Ocean and Beach
Pack your trash in the water and on the beach. Keep our oceans and beaches clean.

You Earn Respect by Giving Respect
Talk to all surfers the way you would want them to talk to you. Use your manners.

by Surf Instructor - Matt Arthur